Competitive squash in New Zealand is underpinned by the grading list resource. The grading list gives a grade to every squash player in New Zealand, and monitors their progress relative to other players. Every time a competitive match of squash is played in New Zealand, the winner receives grading points, while the loser loses grading points. As players win matches and accumulate points they can rise to a higher grade.

The grading list includes a useful online system enabling players to track their grading points - and the points of their rivals! This system is called 'iSquash', and it is available here. For more information on point adjustments click here.

Procedure for being including on Grading List

Below is a summary of what a player/club statistician/administrator needs to do to get onto the system:

A player needs to be registered and apply for membership before they can be allocated a code and appear on the grading list.

  • If they have not registered on the iSquash Platform yet the player needs to do so.
  • Once a player has registered on iSquash, they will receive a confirmation email with a link attached – click on the link.
  • They then need to login and click on the membership tab on the menu bar on the left hand side
  • Then click on “Apply for Membership”
  • Find the club they want to become a member of, then click “add”
  • This person will then be showing as a “pending member” which you as the club administrator now need to approve as a member,

A club administrator/statistician can accept a player as a member of the club on iSquash by:

  • Logging into iSquash
  • Clicking the “Administration” tab on the menu bar on the left hand side
  • Then clicking “Member Management” under the options in this tab
  • Once this screen comes up it gives you a list of all the members in your club. Scroll through the members until you find your players. They are currently “pending members” in the system and you need to click the “approve” button to approve their membership of your club.

Once this is done they will show up on the grading list. When this has happened can you please let us know and we will add the players. If anything is not clear, please do not hesitate to contact Squash Waikato.