Sport has been found to contribute to community identity, sense of place, social interaction, and better health, and what better sporting opportunity than Squash? with 16 clubs throughout rural Waikato allowing 24hr uninterrupted access – you can play rain, hail, or shine. Communities that participate in sport and recreation develop strong social bonds are safer places and the people who live in them are generally healthier and happier than places where physical activity is not a priority.                                  Squash Clubs offer a complete wellness package ideally suited for the rural community

  • Social activity – clubs generally a club and or business house event ideal for new players
  • Lounge and bar – a great place to relax and yarn about the challenges of the rural environment
  • Connection to people – by becoming part of a club in your area you have access to other like-minded people to meet and mingle
  • Squash is an excellent sport for stress release – a factor that impacts many in the rural sector
  • Family sport – all members of the family can participate in squash
  • Available when you want to play – without reliance on the weather or daylight hours, squash can be play when it suits YOU.
  • Click on the club titles below for contact information

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